The Storage Place - Forest Hill

7321 Wichita St. , Fort Worth, TX 76140
Current Customers: 817.568.2963

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4 Stars - 5 Reviews
April 25, 2019
The customer service guy here is very rude... I have 2 accounts on auto pay was ADVISED to have the one I will have cleaned out by the first REMOVED off of auto pay.. called to do that and HE Chri whatever his name is was rude did Not listen to nothing I said... and said that I COULD NOT turn off auto pay until the unit was empty. Mind you since they were not giving me any money back on the storage I was vacating and had already paid for the month, I chose to use my full paid in full month .. and move out at the end of the month but was strongly advised that there would be 2 payments coming out my account... who can afford that shit!!! It is small and raggedy but the accommodations are fine it’s the rude ass people living on site, but never there !!
2nd time (Lock Out) even though prepaid on time w no one on site.
November 17, 2018
100% Disappointed/Unhappy-I have 2 units at this location and have been locked out twice, unable to access the units even though paid in full each month. 1st time I had to wait 30-40miniutes for employee to come unlock the unit that was paid on time. 2nd time I'm told a maintenance man should call within 24 hrs. an I don't that kind of time to waste. I waited for 2 hours with no results. This is the only time an day I have to deal with the units an still No contact from maintenance. I am locked out of my paid units-have paid bill on time an have no access to my property. This company is quick to lock you out on the 3rd of each month even when bill is paid an never unlocking it until you are on premises an get a bastardized surprise of Units held hostage. it's evening now on no maintenance call to unlock-hope other Customers don't receive this abuse.
Johnny Jones Jr
September 4, 2018
Great place to rent from and staff offers great customer service
Phelisha Bollin
May 30, 2017
If I could give less than one star I would! Whatever you do DO NOT use this location!!! I did an online reservation for this location, I was running late so I called customer service to request a reschedule for later or a cancellation. However, they informed me that it already showed I had picked it up! I had NEVER been there, they had ALSO upgraded it to a 20 ft trailer AND falsified information showing i picked it up! I ensured that because this was false and I had never picked it up that the Uhaul customer service team noted I had not picked it up at all because it was very suspicious that they would show that. I was told that perhaps they did this to ensure that if I were running late I would still get the vehicle, but I had never spoken to them or asked them to do something like that. Needless to say I never picked it up or anything, and today I was charged $85.00!! They claimed I picked it up and drove it 166 miles which left a balance. They claimed I left $85.00 in cash and wen
Access just south of I-20
July 14, 2015
This storage location, just south of I-20 on Wichita Street, is perfect for me. I drive a truck and pass through DFW all the time...this is the location that is best for me. Sean, the manager is fantastic and lives on the property so I know my stuff is looked after. Great facility for me.
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